A Solution for Veterans wanting to use a VA Loan

Many Veterans who have served our country have earned the right to have a VA mortgage loan. It’s unfortunate that some sellers as well as real estate agents have a bad image of VA loans and often discourage them. Many years ago, VA loans were sometimes more challenging than conventional financing – this is rarely the case anymore. Some people may falsely assume that if a Veteran is using a VA loan, they must have poor credit or not enough funds for a down payment. A majority of the Veteran’s I have provided mortgages for have excellent credit and plenty of funds for down payment, they opt for the VA loan because they either don’t want to use all of their funds for down payment, or the VA mortgage loan could be providing a lower interest rate than what they would receive with conventional financing. Bottom line, it’s their entitlement that they sacrificed and worked hard to earn. Regardless of how much I rant about why people should be more accepting of VA loans, we still have many who just can’t shake the unfortunate reputation of VA financing from years past. I have a possible solution!

If a seller is not accepting offers with VA financing, make a cash offer instead! The Veteran can use a program like our cash-buyer program, and then buy the home back after closing using their earned VA financing! It’s really that simple!

When the Veteran uses their VA financing to buy-back the home, they can use the same terms as if they were buying it directly from the seller. Our cash-buyer program closes purchases FAST and the Veteran’s financing to buy-back the home from the program takes place simultaneously. I would love to help more Veteran’s buy homes utilizing their VA entitlement. So if a seller balks at a VA offer or are not accepting VA offers, counter back with a cash offer!

Your Real Estate Agent will need to take a 45 minute class to become certified to present an offer using our program. Please feel free to share this page with them. Please check out the additional information that I have on this page, including examples of how the scenario could work for a Veteran.

Thank you to our Veterans for their service to our country!


"To begin, we were moving across country with short notice and the seller required a 30-day closing. I haven’t experienced getting a mortgage in over 30-years…OMG it’s changed a lot! I am not even exaggerating when I say that we would not have accomplished this without the exceptional experience that Rhonda brought! After we signed and locked the 2023 high interest rate, days later there was a significant dip in the rates and Rhonda relocked us at the lower rate! What an unexpected gift. I don’t know anyone else who would go out of their way to do that for a client. Not only is she a Pro, but she’s a joy to work with and also guided us through with lots of patience. 5-STARS all the way!"

mark fernandez

"Rhonda was very helpful and easy to work with. In addition, if I had questions or concerns, she answered them. I like how she did like webinars throughout the process. Most important she answered my calls or called me back right away."

carl m w

"Rhonda is communicative and chaperones the process through close. We’ve used her numerous times and have always received the same great service."

anjanette w