How to Win a Bidding War on Your Next Home

If you tried buying a home over the last few years, you probably lost out to buyers who made cash offers. Sellers tend to prefer cash offers because they can close faster and there are less uncertainties when they are not relying on a mortgage approval from a lender they don’t know. Even in a buyers’ market, a seller will most likely prefer a cash offer over one that is dependent on financing or the sale of another property. I have a solution! You can also enjoy the convenience of an all-cash buyer with a cash buyer program. This works for first time home buyers and for clients who want to buy before they sell their existing property.

The process is simple!

  1. Get preapproved.
  2. Your Real Estate Agent will need to become certified with the cash buyer program (if they’re not already).
  3. Find your home!
  4. The cash buyer program will place a cash offer on the home which will probably close very quickly.
  5. You buy your home back from the cash buyer program using the mortgage you’re preapproved for.

This works for first time home buyers and for clients who want to buy a primary residence before they sell their existing property. This is similar to a bridge loan except you don't have a "bridge loan payment" to factor into qualifying for purchasing your home - which makes this easier to qualify for.

This is for home buyers with credit scores of 620 or higher and minimum down payments are allowed for conventional and VA financing. (This is currently not allowed with FHA financing). Home buyers will need a minimum 3% earnest money deposit. There is a service fee which can be added to the sales price of the new home when you buy it from the cash buyer program and often times, the fee can be offset by offering less on the home (often cash buyers can pay less than those having to use a mortgage).

Cash offer purchases often close in just two weeks, so you’re able to move into your new home before you purchase the home back from cash buyer program. There will be some rent due, just as if you were moving into your home before closing with any other seller. Here is more information about cash buyer programs.

NOTE: Mortgage rates change throughout the day (similar as stocks do) and are subject to credit approval. In other words, the rates posted here are expired and may currently be lower or higher. If you would like to see a scenario with current mortgage rates based on your personal financials, please contact me.

Let's help you buy your next home!

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"To begin, we were moving across country with short notice and the seller required a 30-day closing. I haven’t experienced getting a mortgage in over 30-years…OMG it’s changed a lot! I am not even exaggerating when I say that we would not have accomplished this without the exceptional experience that Rhonda brought! After we signed and locked the 2023 high interest rate, days later there was a significant dip in the rates and Rhonda relocked us at the lower rate! What an unexpected gift. I don’t know anyone else who would go out of their way to do that for a client. Not only is she a Pro, but she’s a joy to work with and also guided us through with lots of patience. 5-STARS all the way!"

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