Our Offer on 1122 Boogy Woogy Avenue for Ima Buyer

Hello [Listing Agent] and [Sellers],

Congratulations on a great listing! You have an enviable task ahead of you of selecting the best offer on your home.

I trust this offer and Underwritten Approval presentation meets or surpasses both your and your seller's expectations. Additionally, I've prepared a brief video highlighting our borrower's qualifications for purchasing this property.

Ima Buyer has been completely pre-underwritten (this is a step beyond a traditional preapproval) and we are prepared to close quickly. Supporting documentation has been documented and reviewed by our underwriters.

I have been successfully helping people purchase and close on their homes for over 20 years. Prior to being a mortgage professional, I managed a title and escrow branch, and it is critical to me that our transaction is smooth from start to closing. I will provide updates on a weekly basis (at minimum) to keep you informed through closing. My bio and more information about New American Funding are included in the preapproval letter. You can expect an absolutely seamless process on all levels.

Here are the details of our offer.

  • Offer Price: $800,000
  • Down Payment: 20%
  • Loan: 30 Yr Fixed Conventional
  • Credit: Excellent
  • Assets: Seasoned and Verified
  • Ready to close quickly!

Items Included:

  • Our Pre-Approval Letter (which you can download)
  • A video from me that highlights our financing plan, including a strategy for if the appraisal comes in low;

Ima Buyer has been exceptional to work with and has provided everything we need to have a seamless process. She is so excited, to achieving his dreams and goals of owning his first home.

Thank you and please call me at 206-718-9488 if you have any questions.

Thank you for considering our offer.


Rhonda Porter | Mortgage Advisor with New American Funding

PS: Buyer's Agents:

After I call the Listing Agent to introduce myself and review our financing offer, send a text that links back to the offer page (see video). This is just another way to stand out above other offers.


"Our experience was personable, clearly communicated, timely, efficient and stress free!"

mackenzie s

"Communication was exemplary! She went above and beyond to help make sure this was a successful transaction for all parties involved. Looking forward to many more transactions with Rhonda!"

deanna f

"Process was very smooth and very informative throughout, which I appreciate greatly as I had a ton of questions!"

vincent r